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With years of experience in the private sector, public sector and non-profit arena, Greer brings expertise in a number of industries including healthcare, oil & gas, government, performing arts and legal advocacy. Learn more about ways Greer can help.

Politics & Pop Culture
Analysis & Opinions
Subject Matter Expertise
Thought Leader


Greer brings her unique style of communications—filled with humor, anecdotes and hard truths—to diverse audiences as she shares unique insights gleaned from over 20 years working in various industries including Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Government. Through television, radio and in-person speaking engagements, Greer captures hearts and minds with a message that is timely, particularly in today’s politically charged environment.

Women & Families
Popular Culture


As an Audio Academy Fellow at San Francisco NPR affiliate, KALW (91.7 FM), Greer is committed to tapping into the zeitgeist to identify breaking news and public concerns, researching issues, interviewing thought leaders and principles, and articulating the impact of these issues on individuals, communities and the world.

Communcations Training
Strategic Planning


Anyone who speaks to the media today must be poised, articulate and able to project their brand promise with confidence. With confusion over Real News vs. Fake News and “Alternative Facts,” it is necessary to recognize that there are no blurred lines. Greer helps her audiences and clients differentiate between messaging that educates and advances organizational goals from those that discredit and limit opportunities.

Further, with the help of her team at PRECĪS Strategy Group, Greer helps clients navigate through their strategic planning process using proprietary templates, to deliver an edge in competitive markets.

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